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Suppo OSD






100A Current Sensor Module includes now!

New current sensor module compatible  to v2, v3  hardware .

(Older purchased items  required  v2.7  ,  v3.7 firmware upgrade)

New purchased items ready to use for current module (ıncludes new firmware v2.7 , v3.7)


Suppo OSD v3.71   More compact size 26x45mm, improved compatibility with NTSC camera and 10Hz GPS Module


  • Dynamic Directional Arrow
  • Optional Current Sensor
  • RSSI
  • Altitude Ladder
  • Speed Ladder
  • Distance to Home
  • Flight Time
  • Battery usage and power guage
  • Easy to use
  • Crisp text, Shadowed for better visbility
  • 5Hz   GPS (V2) / 10Hz GPS (V3)
  • TV system: PAL or NTSC autodetect
  • Support unit as meter/KM and  feet/mile
  • 5-12v power in
  • 12v camera  out
  • 49x33x6.5mm compact size
  • Weight ; 12gr osd , 10gr GPS


  • OSD main Module
  • 5Hz   GPS (V2) / 10Hz GPS (V3)
  • 100A Current Module
  • Wires,
  • Button plug for setup

Manual for Suppo Easy OSD v2

Manual for Suppo Easy OSD v2.3

Skylab SKG13C GPS Module Datasheet

Led Indicator

  • Always on: —- Waiting for satellite signal –> Leave the GPS open to sky  or power off and power on again. First time start up would take a longtime.
  • Short flash — Can not find the GPS connection. (off for 0.2second ) –> check the GPS connection wires
  • Flashing once a second — OSD/GPS working good. (on/off for a second)

Normal start up After the power up

  • LED should be always on, the screep should shows ” SUPPPO OSD V xxx – FREE BIRD” with a “Hour-glass” in the middle of the screen.


Suppo OSD
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