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IOI Mini Multiwii Flight Controller


IOI Mini Multiwii Flight Controller  10dof IMU

Arduino Pro mini 16mHz 5V MCU + LLC + 10 DOF IMU (Gyro, Accelometer, Magnetometer, Barometer)


• Atmega 328P 16mHz 5V
• Gyro ITG3200
• Acc BMA180
• Mag HMC5883L
• Baro BMP085

Multiwii Firmware Features

  • Quadcopter, HexaCopter, Tricoprer, Y6 , Bicopter
  • Two Axis Camera Gimbal,
  • Acro, Level, HeadFree  flying mode
  • GPS Hold , GPS Home features with additional GPS module

Package include

• MultiWiiCopter Board
• 35mm to 45mm Adapter board
• 5x Rx Cable
• Pin header set
• Screw Set
• Plastic Protective box


mwc quad // ioi mini mwc board from warthox on Vimeo.


IOI Mini Multiwii(MCU + LLC + IMU)


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