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Suppo Easy OSD V2 Setup


Typcal FPV with OSD setup


  • Connect camera to Video in , (Vı Cable)
  • Connect Video transmitter  to Video Out (Vo Cable)
  • Connect GPS
  • Connect Main Battery to RC main battery
  • Connect RSSI to your RC Receiver .
  • Connect  9-12v power   to 12v pins for supply Camera , Video TX and and the Suppo OSD

RSSI  Max value

  • On ground power up TX and RX
  • Press “Set home ” button,
  •  OSD will record RSSI Max

RSSI  Min value

  • On Ground  power off TX
  • Press menu button ,
  • OSD will record RSSI min value.

Led Indicator

  • Always on: —- Waiting for satellite signal –> Leave the GPS open to sky  or power off and power on again. First time start up would take a longtime.
  • Short flash — Can not find the GPS connection. (off for 0.2second ) –> check the GPS connection wires
  • Flashing once a second — OSD/GPS working good. (on/off for a second)

Normal start up After the power up

  • LED should be always on, the screep should shows ” SUPPPO OSD V xxx – FREE BIRD” with a “Hour-glass” in the middle of the screen.


  • HOME ;     Record Home Location, Max RSSI, Clear Timer, Clear Distance Value
  • MENU ;      Call System configuration menu
  • SWITCH ;  Switch between configuration options
  • SELECT;    Select each option’s  value
  • RESET ;     Re-Start OSD


  • GPS first start will take 1 min
  • Re-start only 10 second
  • Please Note that you need  to configure your “HOME” location with each time to get right “Fligth Distance”, “Home  Distance”    and “Retun Course”
  • Time Shown is GMT-8 Pacific Time USA

Suppo OSD Firmware Upgrade for V2.x

What is necessary? 

Setup instruction

  • install the USBasp programmer  on the pc with driver
  • Connect the USBasp usb programmer to Suppo OSD like connection diagram.
  • Connect the USBasp to PC
  • start the eXtreme Burner-AVR
  • Chose Atmega 16 under the Chip Menu
  • Click the Read All and Click the Save after the task finished for bacup old firmware  Flash data and EEPROM data .
  • Note the Fuse Bits/Settings values
  • Click open and choose new firmware file where you unzipped.
  • Click Write All and finis firmware upgrede proces.


Skylab SKG13C Datasheet