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SimpleQuad Assembly

Simple Quad contains  4 different polycarbonate plate and 2 different screw set.

Two vertical long parts, motor mount parts, landing gear parts and 2 x 40mm screw set  creates one frame arm. Two round main parts and 4x 30mm screw set creates Air frame core. Each frame arm set can be atachable and deatachable to Air frame core.

The advantage of this structure is minimum damage when the crash.
Because parts are dislodged unbreakable.

Package Includes

Plycarbonate Parts

  • Main plate x2
  • Arm vertical parts x8
  • Motor mount parts x4
  • Landing gear parts x4

Screw Set (screw nut, standoff)

  • M3x 30mm screw set x4
  • M3x 40m  screw set x8

Getting started 

  • Build  power harnes with direct esc power cable combining .
  • Use 14-16 awg cable and xt60 or T plug connector depended your lipo.
  • Esc-motor side must use 2mm male female connector for atachable deatachable  arm.
  • Buid each arm first like the picture. Screws can be tight
  • Place motors to motor mounts parts. No need Therad Locker for motor mount screw and other screw
  • Place the esc and power harnes between the two round plate and crate main core with 4 screw set.
  • Don’t too tight the main core screws yet.
  • Place  each arm to their slots  on the main core.
  • Tighten the main core  screws  now.
  • Connect the motor esc connector each arm side
  • Connect each esc to receiver throttle channel by turns
  • Power with lipo and set the direction of motor rotation by turns.
  • Place the Flight Controller on the main plate
  • Connect the esc and receiver cable to Flight  controler
  • Check the FC guide before run.



  • Led light looking  great on the landing gear up side . All frame is shining