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IOI Mini Multiwii Setup


What do you need for upload the alexinparis Multiwii code on Your IOI Mini Multiwii Board

FTDI First Use Setup

  • Connect the FTDI adapter to computer  USB port
  • install driver
  • Go to Device Manager on Rigth Click to My computer
  • find “USB Serial Port “on Com And LPT
  • Rigth Click and chose properties
  • Change Bit Per Second setting 9600 to 115200 on  Port Setting Cart
  • Save all

Arduino Software first use Setup

  • Select on menu Tools– Board—Arduino Pro or Promini (5v, 16mHz) w/Atmega328
  • Select  on menu Tools –Serial Port

Multiwii Code Setup

  • Open the “Multiwii_x_x.pde” with arduino software
  • Go to “config.h” tab
  • “//”  This is comment sign.  You will remove “// “comment sign for wanted setting on each row.
  • Remove Comment sign  only  this rows  (leave other rows  default setting)
  • #define QUADX         (select for your model type)
  • #define MINTHROTTLE 1170    (1170 for hobbywing esc, 1120 for suppo esc)
  • #define I2C_SPEED 400000L   //400kHz fast mode,
  • #define IOI_MINI_MULTIWII//
  • #define ITG3200_LPF_42HZ
  • #define SERIAL_SUM_PPM         (only for PPMsum featured RX)

Radio Calibration

  • Before inserting the Propeller!             
  • Connect Rx channels to FC
  • Connect to FTDI adapter to FC
  • Open the Multiwii GUI on PC
  • Select FTDI Com port and Press Start  button
  • Power on Radio Tx
  • Power on your model with connect lipo
  • Now should seen the stick movement on the GUI
  • Each Channel Mid point must be 1500 value on the GUI  when the stick neutral position.
  • if not; set  the Subtrim  on the Radio Tx for each Channel mid point value 1500.
  • Each Channel Min/Max point on the GUI must be 1095/1905 when the stick Min/Max Position
  • if not set the EPA(End Point Adjustment  for HiTec, Travel Adjustment for Spectrum JR ) on the Radio Tx for each channel Min/Max point for 1095/1905 value

Oled Screen Connection

  • Connect oled 4 pins(SDA,SCL,Gnd,VCC) to board
  • A4-> SDA
  • A5-> SCI


 OLED Activation on Multiwii Code


Multiwii Stick Configuration  pdf