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IOI KKmulticopter Setup

. Setting up the kkMultiCopter controller
– Make sure you do not have any mixing switches on your Transmitter enabled.

– Test everything without propeller!!!!

– Test you copter with propeller, ONLY WHEN YOU 100% SURE, EVERYTHING IS CORERECT!

if Gyro direction reverse, crash in 1-2 sec, also when you just give 5% gas. Copter will fly up by itself and get crash in 1-2 sec. if without ESC throttle calibration, copter flying unstable. if ESC not connected with the right pin, crash in any way. if receiver not connected with the right pin, you can not start the board, KK board only start when throttle in 0% and YAW in right position for 3 sec.


2. Stick Centering
In this version, we provide convenient method to set multicopter. Your current stick position can be center by following next steps except throttle.
– Set Pitch gain pot to zero. (CCW)

– Set Transmitter trims to center. – Power on. – LED flashes 3 times.(Ready) – Check a receiver power. – Wait a few seconds. – LED flashes 1 time. – Power off. – Restore Pitch gain pot.

3. Gyro(Servo) direction reversing
– Set Roll gain pot to zero.(CCW)

– Power on. – LED flashes 3 times. – To set Gryo Reverse, move Tx stick right/down or To normal it move stick left/up. – Power off. – Restore Roll gain pot.


4. ESC throttle calibration and Battery type

Take off the propellers! Take off the propellers! Take off the propellers!

Calibrate throttle range. Set to NiCd battery.(Do not set to Li-po.) Please refer to the manual of ESC.
– Set Yaw gain pot to zero.

– Put throttle stick to full. – Power on. – LED flashes 3 times.(Ready) – Check a receiver power. – Wait a few seconds.(In this state, ignore the beeping.) – LED flashes 3 times.(Start)[Supported in v1.6 or later] – Wait for motor signal.(Please refer to the manual of ESC.) – Throttle to zero. – Wait for motor confirm signal. – Power off. – Restore Yaw gain pot.

5. Clear all settings [servo & stick centering]
– Set Roll, Pitch & Yaw gain pots to zero.

– Power on. – Wait a few seconds. – Power off. – Restore gain pots.




Q: what is the diffrent between KKmulticopter controller V5.5 and IOI kkmulticopter controller?

A: NO different, our PCB design is for all SMT (google it) parts soldering and all Tantalum Cap (more stable, and 10x expensive than normal Capacitance). Also more place for Gyro, you can easyer to change it with hand soldering.

Q: Can i refresh with other firmware from kkmulticopter com?

A: NO Problem, just use it like official board v5.5

Q: If i need a USBasp for setup the kk board?

A: NO, setup kk board with you radio transmitter. USBasp only needed when you change the firmware. For example refesh the kk board with Hexcopter firmware.

Q: If i really need a Lipo Alarm for my quadcopter?

A: Yes, better a good one. All ESCs should be setup as without low voltage cutoff. (every ESC on the copter into low voltage protection mode, you will get crash. there is no WING or Autorotation like Heli.) So, your Lipo working without any protection. You can calculate the flying time or get a good Lipo Alarm to keep you Lipo away from ultra low voltage.