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Crab20, Crab25 Assembly

Crab20 and Crab25 models are same minimalist design, different size models.

You will receive a minimalist package like Crab design (envelop letter inside 11 PC parts and screw spacer set ) .

  • There are  protective nylon layer on the  PC each side surface.
  • Remove all protective nylon layer before assemly.
  • Use a soft damp cloth on the surface  if necessary,  for remove the laser cutting residues .
  • Sand or incise if necessary , only the edges for the laser cutting residues
  • First,  Insert pieces of support to  each pod  slot thats will be bottom of motors.
  • Slot on each pod on the main frame like picture. Place the edges by twisting
  • Insert the battery holder  to central  on 4 pod slots. (little force to settle)
  • Maybe you will need little glue for joint point . You must only use Epoxy
  • Revers the model and use only joint point little epoxy if you need glue.
  • Never use CA or other solvent over the surface!
  • PC safe temparature is -20 +135 C
  • Don’t leave in the car at cold nigth or hot sun days.
  • Please share any question,  experience  and building  photos on Rcgroups Crab Thread for other peoples.
  • If you need any replacement parts please PM or contact form.




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