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Asterix Brushless Gimbal v2


Compact, lightweight, well-balanced brushless gimbal  for Mirorless MLC camera.

All in one design (2 axis and 3 axis with anti-vibration),  v2 designed to carry Mirorless MLC camera with  more lens options. Well fits to Tarot and DJI Airframe camera rail systems.

What is new  Asterix v2

  • Improved  vibration damper system with 16 anti-vibration damper ball , wider straps,
  • DJI s800 gimbal rail support
  • More camera and lens compatibility,
  • Improved camera try part,
  • 25mm motor mount support
  • Deep adjustable pitch motor mount,
  • Height adjustable roll motor mount,

Compatible Cameras & Lens

  • Sony Nex 5
  • Sony Nex 6, Sony Nex 7
  • Sony Alpha a5000, Alpha a6000
  • Canon EOS M,
  • Samsung NX series and similar size cameras
  • Sony 16mm, 20mm, 35mm prime lenses  18-55mm zoom , 16-50mm pancake lens
  • Sigma 19mm, 30mm prime lenses


  • All in one design (2 axis and 3 axis with anti-vibration)
  • Anodized high grade aluminum
  • Lightweight, well-balanced , adjustable,  easy setup,
  •  550gr 3-Axis mode ready to use weight. (Gimbal+Anti Vibration+Motors+ controller)


Gimbal Kits Includes

  • A. 32bit 3 axis official alexmos controller with aluminium cover case
  • B. 3x iPower GBM 4108 120T Gimbal motor
  • C. iflight bluetooth module for alexmos gimbal controller
  • D. Camera rail support for DJI s800, s900, s1000 and Tarot T810, T960
  • E. Camera rail support for Tarot 650, 680
  • F. New anti-damping plate with 16x Damper Bal
  • G. New Camera plate suported cameras Sony Nex 5,6,7 , a5000,a5100,a6000, Canon EOS M, samsung NX series and similar size cameras
  • H. New deep and height adjustable roll and pitch arm with frame imu mount holes
  • K. Longer Aluminim Hex Spacer
  • I. M3x6 and M3x8 Screw set for motor and gimbal mount


Asterix Gimbal  v2 kit 

  • Black anodized gimbal (no controller , no motor) $119.95
  • Anti vibration damper system
  • Camera rail mount parts for DJI s800, s900 and Tarot T810, T960
  • Camera rail mount parts for Tarot ironman 650 and 680

Asterix Gimbal  v2  Full Kit $459.95

  • Asterix Gimbal  v2 kit
  • 3x GBM4108 120T Motor.
  • iflight 3Axis  32bit Alexmos Controller + 2x  IMU with soft slicone cables
  • iflight protective aluminium case for controller and IMU’s
  • Bluetooth module for controller


Revised Asterix v2  available here

Asterix Brushless Gimbal v2


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