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iflight 32bit Alexmos BGC


Official authorized Gimbal Control Board


  • Size of the board: 50×50 mm
  • Distance between the mounting holes: 45 mm
  • Diameter of the mounting holes: 3 mm
  • Power supply voltage: 8–25 V
  • Maximum motor current: 1,5 A
  • 5V output current to power external devices: up to 1 A

BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit

  • The controller can be used for building high-quality 3-axis camera stabilizing systems which can be mounted to UAV and for building handheld camera stabilizers.

Basic functions of the controller

  • Optional (Package Includes) Second IMU , that will increase the short-term precision of the stabilization 10x-30x times and  will make stable work in any frame position.

Improved attitude estimation algorythms

  • 32-bit MCU — ARM Cortex M4. Effectively calculates the complex tasks for 3-axes stabilization.
  • Allows camera control with the RC or analog joystick.
  • Use several switchable profiles for different modes of operation
  • Increased number of inputs for controlling signals + 3 additional reserved input/output AUX1-AUX3.
  • Supports variety of RC protocols: PWM, Sum-PPM, spektrum and s-bus.
  • Battery voltage monitoring, compensating voltage drop in the PID-regulator.
  • Low battery alarm (output to 5V active buzzer).
  • Can supply up to 1A current for external devices on the 5V power line.
  • Dedicated UART-socket to connect optional Bluetooth module
  • Reverse-polarity protection, overheat and overcurrent protection
  • USB interface for the PC connection, to configure, control and upgrade firmware.
  • Graphical user interface to manage the settings. Windows / OS X / Linux versions.
  • Control through the Serial-protocol using dedicated API.

Instock Now!

Box Includes

  • Official 32bit Alexmos Simple BGC with onboard buzzer and pinheader & connector.
  • 1x  Camera IMU
  • 1x Frame IMU
  • 1x Short  Soft slicone IMU cable 20cm
  • 1x Long  Soft slicone IMU cable 50cm
  • 1x Double side adhesive band

Optional Super light aluminum case

  • 1x CNC Alum controller Case
  • 2x CNC Alum  IMU case

Optional Bluetooth Module

  • 1x Bluetooth module

Alexmos SimpleBGC 32 bit
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